A Drawing of numerous Persian War Chariots

Chariots, the Early Assault Platforms. The Site of them to any Infantry trooper would make them want to run, but if the commander tells you to stay put, then, nice knowin ya.


Chariots are deadly assault platforms used for taking down enemy infantry and take out Cavalry. They have One Assault Platform for the driver and a archer [crew varies depending on country or make]. The Assault Platform is carried by 2-3 Horses [once again, horse number varies due to weight of chariot or country]. Chariots can be made of different materials such as wood or bark.

Countries that used ChariotsEdit

  • Hittites
  • Egypt
  • Persia
  • Armenia
  • India
  • China
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Rome [Racing purposes only].

Short LifeEdit

Chariots only had a short life and warfare experience because by the time of the Imperial Era, they were useless against Infantry and were abandoned. Chariots were mostly used in the Ancient Era by the Egyptians and Persians most of the time. In the Medieval Era a.k.a Middle Ages, The use of the chariot in Warfare had dropped and only a few were still using the Chariot as war machines. Eventually in the Imperial Era a.k.a Gunpowder Age, Chariots in Warfare and sports were discontinued instantly. Chariots were no longer used for anything due to advances in Technology.

Chariots were also used in Races. this was first showed by the Roman Empire. Chariots were widely used by the Egyptians and Persians because they saw how quickly they could become usefull. The Egyptians used Chariots for attacks on enemy camps and also for carrying commanders and Pharoahs into battle. The Pharoah is given his own personal Chariot for battle. The Persians used it for the same purposes. Sometimes the Persians would use Chariots for assaults against enemy infantry.